Red Tail Vineyards

San Miguel, California

Years in Operation:
3 years

Leading Harvest Program User:
Vineyard Professional Services, Inc.

Oliver Matthews

Size of Operation:
192 acres

Crop Type:
Wine Grapes

Objective 2. Soil Health and Conservation

To maintain or enhance soil health to optimize crop yield and protect long-term soil productivity on agricultural lands.


Indicator 2.1.1 Soil Quality:
Application of regional agricultural best management practices (e.g., tillage systems, cover cropping, addition of soil amendments) to maintain or enhance soil fertility and physical and biological characteristics of soil.

Leading Harvest Indicators at Work

  • Long term trials were performed on row middles at Red Tail Vineyards for three years to gauge the improvement in soil organic matter and fertility through the varying practices of full till and no till operations on the top soil. These trials were conducted in conjunction with the local Resource Control District.
  • Soil analysis testing came back with improved levels of organic matter in the no till sections and resulted in overall better performance in the no till blocks compared to the blocks that were full till. Improving soil health has the potential to help with water holding capacity, infiltration, fertility, microbial activity, and erosion control.

“Did you know?”

  • Red Tail Vineyards was originally planted in 2000 to 211 acres along Estrella Rd in San Miguel California, during the “Paso Robles Planting Boom” of the late 90’s and early 00’s by Vineyard Professional Services. The initial plantings were Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah. The vineyard underwent an expansion in 2015 with the addition of 194 acres which included Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah. The original plantings have since been replaced in 2021. The fruit from these plantings has gone into some of the top wineries in Paso Robles.
  • Oliver Matthews has spent eight vintages as a Vineyard Manager in the Paso Robles/Estrella AVA.
  • Vineyard Professional Services believes that sustainability is the ability and desire to use the best farming practices available to promote balance in the vineyard between crop and ecological environment.