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What’s New

Open call for nominations to join the Leading Harvest Standards Committee.

October 2023

Key findings from the Global Summit on Regenerative Agriculture.

Leading Harvest Announces Canadian Pilot with Representation Across the Agricultural Value Chain.

August 2023

A framework for action. Third-party audited, always.

Leading Harvest provides industry-leading sustainability standards that drive the transition to more sustainable and resilient land management globally.

Our standards are rigorously audited by independent third parties, creating trust across the business ecosystem—from capital and banking to insurance, supply chain companies, and more.

Leading the way.

Leading Harvest’s small but mighty team is supported by a tricameral Board of Directors, comprised of balanced interest across social, economic, and environmental chambers. The supporting Resource Group brings expertise spanning the agricultural supply chain.

In 2021, the Leading Harvest Board established an Independent Review Panel with experts from a variety of sectors, including conservation, business, and government, to help ensure consistent re-evaluation of Leading Harvest standards, processes, and procedures.

“Retailers and supply chain companies have been demanding sustainability from farmers for years. The Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard is the next level. It doesn’t tell you what to do, it allows farmers to make the best decisions for their operations and for sustainability.”

Dewey Holliday
VP of Washington Operations, Manulife Investment Management