Leading Harvest

Leading Harvest

Our Mission

Leading Harvest mobilizes the entire value chain through third-party audited standards, outcome-driven collaborations, and a learning network to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and resilient global agricultural system.

We envision a transparent, sustainable, and resilient global agricultural system, one that nourishes people, protects and restores nature, and delivers equitable value across the supply chain.

Our Team

  • Kenny Fahey
    President and CEO

    Seattle, WA

  • Maggie Eason
    Manager, Operations

    Bethesda, MD

  • Scott Hansen
    Director, Standards and Education

    Deephaven, MN

  • Laura Robey
    Manager, Partnerships and Programs

    Ellsworth, WI

  • Peter Miller
    Director, Supply Chain Engagement

    Newton, KS

  • Rebecca Gildiner Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Rebecca Gildiner
    Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Scott Vokey
    Legal and Governance Advisor

    Seattle, WA

Board of Directors

Economic Chamber

  • Kenny Traynom
    Chief Executive Officer

    Landform Capital

    Memphis, TN

  • Peter Headley
    Head of Agriculture Investment Management

    Cottonwood Agriculture

    Kirkland, WA

  • Oliver S. Williams IV
    Global Head of Agricultural Investments

    Manulife Investment Management

    Boston, MA

  • Marc Drouin
    Senior Managing Director, Real Assets and Global Head of Natural Resources Investments

    PSP Investments

    Montreal, QC

Environmental Chamber

  • John Piotti

    American Farmland Trust

    Washington, DC

  • Larry Selzer
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    The Conservation Fund

    Arlington, VA

  • Adam Putnam
    Chief Executive Officer

    Ducks Unlimited

    Memphis, TN

  • Ben Thomas
    Senior Policy Director for Agriculture

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Austin, TX

Social Chamber

Resource Group

  • Alyssa Go
    Principal, Sustainability/Impact, Renewable Resources Group LLC
  • Benjamin Thomas
    Senior Policy Director, Agriculture, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Brian Kernohan (Resource Group Chair)
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Private Markets, Manulife Investment Management
  • Bruce Sherrick
    Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Director, TIAA Center for Farmland Research
  • Caroline Orlowski
    Senior Agricultural Asset Manager, Cottonwood Ag Management
  • Ellen Herbert
    Senior Scientist, Sustainability and Nature-Based Solutions, Ducks Unlimited
  • Eric Pooler
    VP of Viticulture, Winery Relations, and Bulk Wine Sales, Nuveen Natural Capital
  • Harrison Pittman
    Center Director, The National Agricultural Law Center
  • John Piotti
    Chief Executive Officer, American Farmland Trust
  • Neil Jehle
    Senior Asset Manager, Cottonwood Ag Management
  • Peter Headley
    Head of Agriculture, Cottonwood Ag Management
  • Suzy Friedman
    Senior Director, Food Policy, WWF
  • Wade Needham
    Director, ESG & EHS, PSP Investment Management

Independent Review Panel

  • Will Stelle (IRP Chair)
    President, Board of Directors, and Senior Advisor at Washington Water Trust
  • Ann Bartuska
    Former Chief Scientist of Department of Agriculture
  • Sally Ericsson
    Natural Resource Conservation and Climate Policy Consultant
  • Carl Evers
    Director of Sustainability, AgIS Capital
  • T.C. Richmond
    Partner, Van Ness Feldman LLP