Kern Lerdo

Lerdo, California

Leading Harvest Program User:
Arnoldo Barajas, Manulife Investment Management Farmland Management Services

Size of Operation:
2393 Acres

Crop Type:
Almonds & Pistachios

Objective 7. Conservation of Biodiversity

To manage farmland in a manner that maintains agricultural production while conserving biodiversity where appropriate or legally required.


Indicator 7.2.1 Native Habitats and Natural Communities:
Maintenance or conservation of native habitats and natural communities in areas not used for agricultural production.

Leading Harvest Indicators at Work

  • The operations team at Kern Lerdo worked with Project Apis m. to plant 55 acres of pollinator forage on a non-cropped portion of the property.

“Did you know?”

  • Arnoldo grew up on a small family farm in Mexico with his four brothers and five sisters. At seven years old he began helping his father with the animals and corn their family produced.
  • Arnoldo immigrated to the United States in 1981, and his first job was cleaning a reservoir with a shovel. From there he worked for a couple almond and pistachio growers before moving to Farmland Management Services in 1994 where he still works today, at one point managing approximately 20,000 acres of almonds, pistachios, and wine grapes.