Yolo Wine Grapes

Yolo, California

Leading Harvest Program User:
Rod Schaeffer, AgIS Property Management

Size of Operation:
2700 Acres

Crop Type:
Wine Grapes and Olives

Objective 4. Crop Protection

To achieve crop protection objectives while protecting people and the environment.


Integrated Pest Management:
Standard users shall protect crops against pests by implementing an Integrated Pest Management program that uses regional agricultural best management practices to achieve crop protection objectives.

Indicator 4.1.2. Crop Protection:
A process for preventing excessive crop loss from pests, crop protectant resistance and buildup and spread of pests.

Leading Harvest Indicators at Work

  • Grazing sheep control weeds in the vineyard and therefore reduce herbicide use on the property.

“Did you know?”

  • Rod discovered the effectiveness of their unique weed control by chance, saying “A few years ago, after a very wet winter and spring, where we struggled to get into the fields to spray herbicides, we thought we would try sheep on a portion of the vineyard. It was very successful, and we’ve been using them throughout the vineyard ever since.”